What We Do

Ambassador for the Arganeraie Region

ABGUR is an international trading company based in Freiburg, Germany. The production and the distribution of the finest argan oils and argan oil products for culinary and cosmetic use, as well as prickly pear seed oil, form the major focus of our corporate activities. Our key sales markets are Europe, South Korea and the USA.

ABGUR is founded on a strong belief in fully identifying with our customers, partners and products. Our business activities are characterized by our in-depth knowledge and strict controls, from plantation to harvesting, production through to packaging and storage right through to transportation. We are an international company working together with carefully selected production and logistics partners all over the globe. Our most essential priorities include the harmonic interaction between tradition and technological progress. Alongside this, we ensure that we always implement strict organic and quality standards, on a German and international level.

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Our Philosophy

Trade Benefits for All

ABGUR acts in accordance with the specifications of a social, fair and environmentally friendly value chain. We always aim to guarantee not only quality and enjoyment, but also fairness and sustainability. This involves both the traceability and transparency of our products as well as targeted funding and support, e.g. when organizing women's cooperatives.

This philosophy is also expressed through our attitude towards the 'hand pressed' and 'cold pressed' production methods. We stay out of the dogmatic debate over the pros and cons of the various methods, much preferring to take the view that it is not technique, but professional and hygienic practice, whatever the technique, that has a definitive influence on the quality of the final products. This view is supported by a complex study carried out by the GTZ (German Society for Technical Cooperation).

ABGUR places a high value on trust, transparency, authenticity, quality and social responsibility. ABGUR products are convincing in both a rational and emotional sense because we not only deal with products, but also communicate an awareness of life.

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Our Quality

High Standards - Right Through to the Smallest Details

In 2007, a study co-financed by the EU proved that production technique (hand pressed or cold pressed) has no influence on the quality of the argan oil. With both techniques, the first phase of production (through to the pressing stage) involves traditional manual work carried out by women. The quality of the sensitive oils is affected by the choice of raw materials, storage, filling, packaging and transportation.

In order to prevent the oxidation of the almonds and eliminate hygiene and storage problems, ABGUR extracts its argan oil from almonds that are not available on the market. We obtain our fruits from exclusive direct suppliers and only use freshly opened fruits. The filling process solely uses oil from freshly pressed kernels. In each stage of production, hygiene is of the highest priority. The sensitive argan oil only comes into contact with high quality materials, in order to avoid any form of contamination. In addition, ABGUR ensures that the oil's precious and valuable properties are kept in their original, natural form by supplying them exclusively in bottles and jars made from almost completely opaque violet glass produced in Switzerland. This glass has a scientifically proven effect and clearly signifies the high quality of ABGUR products.

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Our Fairness

Success Equals Responsibility

ABGUR not only places a high value on quality, but also on the completely fair and cooperative behaviour of all people and bodies involved in the value chain. As a result, ABGUR follows the guidelines of a social and sustainable economic system. This includes, among others, our partnership with M&D (Migration & Development), as well as our funding and support of women's cooperatives, in order to enable production according to international standards.

All of ABGUR's partners and contacts benefit from the fruits of a production process based on mutual respect and universal values. We consider our products to be ambassadors for such values.

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Our Certifications

Examined, Tested and Approved

There are fundamentally two different types of oil: oil from roasted almonds, used as culinary oil and oil from unroasted almonds predominantly used in cosmetics.

All ABGUR culinary oils are organically certified according to the EU-Eco-regulation by the organic control organisation ECOCERT.

All ABGUR cosmetic oils and creams are organically certified and clinically tested subjects. They carry the Dermatest rating "very good".

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