Moroccan black seed oil: plant and properties

Nigella Sativa

Black Seed is part of the family of ranunculus plants and it is one of the most efficient medicinal plants. It size can reach sixty centimeters and it is endemic in the whole Mediterranean area and in Western Asia. Black seed and black seed oil extracted from it were already regarded as precious raw materials in Antiquity, with their healing character being highly appreciated.

Black seeds'taste and effects can be compared to those of cumin and pepper, and they have a fixed place in the Oriental world in the fields of medicine and spices. The fatty oil which is obtained thanks to the cold pressing and filtration of the seeds, is colored with shades of green and brown and has a spicy smell. Thanks to its 70% composition in unsaturated fatty acids and additional vitamins, black seed oil is part of the highest quality nutritional supplements that show immune-regulatory and metabolic functions.

The essential oil Carvon which is contained in black seed oil firstly stimulates digestion, and secondly calms the intestine and curbs flatulencies. Like the real cumin which is used against stomach and intestine problems, the regular ingestion of black seed oil can favorably influence the constitution of a healthy intestinal flora.

These health-enhancing properties of black seed oil are due to many actives substances. In fact, black seed oil shows a vasodilator effect, which increases the relief of asthmatic people. The healing influence of the plant has also been proves in pollen allergy cases. It is said that more than 70% of allergic courses of disease are cured.

Linoleic acids, oleic acids, palmitin acids are the main components of this health-enhancing plant. In the additional fatty acids contained, there are other ingredients in dissolved form. Worth mentioning are the following: provitamin A, zinc, magnesium, folic acid, vitamins B1, B2, B6 and C and also biotin. Various vitamins, minerals and the additional essential oils contained complete the natural power of this medicinal plant.

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Moroccan black seed oil: Application

The most noble nutritional supplement and body oil

Black seed oil is traditionally used in Orient for the treatment of allergies, depressions and asthma. In Europe, black seed oil is primarily used in cases of flatulencies, stomachaches and jaundice. Nowadays, the precious properties of this plant are deeply researched and its immune-strengthening effect is medically proven. Therefore, black seed oil is also utilized in cases of respiratory diseases, complains in stomach and intestine, coughs and sneezes, tumors, neurodermatitis or hay fever.

Nowadays, medical research draws attention to this herb, because the ingestion of black seed oil shows hypotensive, antioxidative and pain-relieving effects. More particularly, the efforts in cancer research present positive results.

Allergic skin reactions can, thanks to the external application of black seed oil, be significantly faster healed, than with the use of chemical preparations. The latter ones mostly suppress symptoms, whereas black seed oil directly and naturally engages in the healing process, as a pure natural product. For instance, neurodermatitis in children can be treated in a completely different way than the conventional medicine does.

Kids under six years old cannot be cured with cortisone, in order not to damage the child's organism while it is growing. Yet, this target group is the most concerned by this disease. In such a case, the use of black seed oil can support the healing process of the skin changes without side effects, and thus cure in a natural way.

Consequently, black seed oil serves not only in the healing process, but it also is an indispensable assistant in the field of preventive medicine, which is nowadays rediscovered by health-conscious people.

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