Saffron: plant and properties

King of spices

The most noble spice in the world has been cultivated in Morocco for centuries. The herb likes barren desert grounds, hot summers and cold winters. It is a bulbous plant which is between 10 and 30 centimeters long. The flowers have violet, light violet colors. Each flower has three red-orange stigmas with an aromatic fragrance. In autumn, during the blossoming, the harvesting season of the red gold begins when the sun rises. The flowers are picked by hand. 200 000 flowers and about 400 work hours are needed in order to harvest one kilo of saffron.  
The drying process is crucial; it must take place within a few minutes. It is only once the red stigmas are dried, that the typical slightly bitter aroma is developed. It is better preserved in a closed pot, because saffron is very sensitive and doesn't endure light. All these processes are very important and influence the quality of saffron. ABGUR has, in this regard, the highest requirements towards its producers and can guarantee you the best quality on the market.

Ingredients: :

There are mostly essential oils, which are responsible for the strong fragrance and the light bitter taste of saffron. Thereby, saffron also acts as an antispasmodic, as a digestive and as a cardiovascular helper. It helps in cases of flatulencies and menstrual disorders (encourages uterine contractions). The intensive color is caused by carotenoid, especially the crocin (saffron yellow).

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Saffron: Application

Saffron, Morocco's red gold

The singular aroma and fragrance of saffron provides the best successes in the kitchen. Gourmets from all over the world value saffron for its distinctive, slightly bitter taste. As a result, saffron refines desserts, pastries and savory dishes such as Paella, Risotto and Provençal fish soup bouillabaisse. In Morocco,Tagines and Couscous are refined with saffron.

Saffron was already stated in the Pharaonic period in Egypt and also had an excellent reputation as a remedy in the Chinese and Indian medicine.


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